Thursday, August 7, 2008

A Heron's Visit

When my husband and I returned to Oregon after living in Hawaii for 2 years, it was an ideal time to sell our 5 1/2 acres in the country and move closer to town. We spent many hours discussing the pros and cons of staying 45 miles out of town. Our reasoning went from far out there (sell and move to a Greek Island) to practical (sell and buy a small place in or near town.) There have been times we were greatly influenced by our love of our family. We've always provided a little piece of paradise for people to visit and a magical place for grandchildren, nieces and nephews to explore.

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But this week, I found very personal explanations for being here.

It is home, and I can find my own magical moments any given day.

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I stepped out the door a couple of mornings ago and saw the early morning light glowing through the top of the wisteria on our front entry arbor. Looking down, I saw the beautiful garden with its stone walk and gazing ball which I created 3 years ago and I felt completely connected to this place and time.

Then this morning while high up on a ladder pruning branches of a cedar tree, my husband had this fellow fly over his shoulder and land in our back pond.

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Mike was able to alert me without scaring the great blue heron off, and I grabbed the camera.

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Yes, I know at some point this beautiful country home will not be the place for us, but for now it most definitely is HOME!


Anonymous said...

Ok, so Hilo is not the only paradise in the world. My what beauty. Were you inspired to paint? Love Petie

Ruth Armitage said...

Wow! What a great encounter! I love the photos of your gardent!