Monday, January 26, 2009

With a Little Help From My Friends

As you know from my last blog entry, I've had some questions about finishing my pieces. I so appreciate getting feedback from viewers. I also get so much help from the critique group I'm in.

The critique group met on Friday and here are some before and afters.

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Shore Leave 14 x 20

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Shore Leave (edited) 14 x 20

The changes I made to this one: reclaiming white on the uniforms, graying down the trees, pushing back the street scene to the right, and intensifying the pattern between the male and female groups. Improved?

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Harvesting Light 14 x 20

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Harvesting Light (edited) 14 x 20

The changes I made to this one: pushed back the rows of color by putting on a transparent wash, darkened the tulips being carried toward the bottom of the bunch being carried, adjusted the worker to the left of the main figure, and reshaped the tree in the background in the far left.

I saved the best for last-- remember this one?

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I think this is the version I last posted. My friend Ruth suggested that I should continue the pattern into the figures to keep consistency in the piece. I began cutting skinny pieces to add detail to the figures.

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I had added pattern and worked on the figures when I went to my critique group. First I was so thankful for the very positive remarks about this work. Mostly the group told me it was nearly done and to do very little to the finished work. I had already decided to carry the whites that go across the painting through the heads to the edges of the piece, and the group agreed that would be a good addition. I also added a detailed piece to the male middle sailor to imply his shoulder/arm. I used a pen to hint at the edge separating the center and middle female figure's pant legs.

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Sound Bites 18 x 22

This is the piece I'm submitting to the Watercolor Society of Oregon's Spring Show. Can you believe this stared with a drawing and a colorful, but failed painting?


Ruth Armitage said...

Wow Margaret! All three ARE improved, but the last one really takes the cake! Well done! I hope John Salminen likes it... I sure do!

Anonymous said...

WAY TO GO!!!!!! Don't do any more, it is fresh, original and interesting. Good luck. Hope it goes far. LaVonne

PS the explanation of your process is also great. LV