Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Next Two Months

Very early yesterday morning I dropped off Mike and great-nephew, Daniel, at the Eugene Airport. That was the beginning of their travels for the next two months. They flew to L.A. to join the crew sailing to Hawaii and back. After a few days loading food, checking out the readiness of the boat, they will sail out on May 3. This is Mike's chance to live out one of his dreams and I hope it is wonderful.

In the meantime, I am here at home on my own. It isn't that I'll have trouble staying busy, it is just an internal struggle of self-discipline. It is so easy for me to spend time in lethargy, watching TV or sitting at the computer. I fear I could spend many days wasted, without working toward any art goals, pulling any weeds, or keeping up with the housework.

So today I was presented with my first full day on my own. I walked myself to the post office, 3 miles round trip, instead of driving. As I walked in the rain, I started out with irritation about the spray that hit me with each passing vehicle. But as I continued and got into the rhythm of my walk, I started opening my eyes to find many lovely things. First, the droplets on my raincoat turned incredible colors when the sun hit them. Next I saw movement in the ditch next to the road; as I looked closely I saw a hummingbird feeding on the wild bleeding heart blooms. Then I saw more blooms off the road which were the illusive calypso orchids. Soon my mind went to painting ideas. As my mind floated along, I realized that my trip was nearly over, and the overdrive I'd hit got me there and back.

After lunch I got out to the studio to work on the two paintings I'd taken to my critique group on Friday. I tried to follow my own instincts, while following my group's suggestions.

As silly as it may seem, I feel that these two acts are minor victories and a good start to being on my own.

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Mollie, 20 x 14

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