Thursday, March 28, 2013

I Like to Find Thick Envelopes in My Mail

This past week I expected to hear from two exhibitions I'd sent entries to. (An artist is given a mailing date for the notification from an art competition.) When I pull the responses out of the mailbox, I know right away whether it's an acceptance or rejection. The acceptances are thick envelopes with all the information the artist needs to frame, label and ship the painting to the exhibition. The rejections come in an envelope with a single page letting you know your painting will stay in it's drawer for awhile longer.

Expressions West 2013 at the Coos Art Museum accepted my painting "Convocation I." The juror for this event is John Hewitt and the exhibit is at the Coos Art Museum in Coos Bay, OR. I've had other work at that venue, and the museum is really lovely. 

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And today I received a rejection letter from the Emerald Art Center's National Show. My "Yosemite Trickster" did not make the cut. 

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Frankly, I like to get the thick envelopes!


Anonymous said...

Emerald Valley missed out on a great painting. Congrats on the other :)

Liz said...

I love both paintings, but as soon as you posed the question asking us which one made the cut, I guessed correctly that it was the Convocation. Just something lovely about it--I remember when you posted your process on that painting.
Wow--Emerald Art notices already went out? I'll have to check my mailbox!

Liz said...

I knew Convocation was a winner---I correctly guessed that that was the accepted painting. I remember when you shared your process with us on your blog.
Wow--Emerald art center already sent out notices? I'll have to check my mailbox today!