Thursday, May 22, 2014

Encouraging Creativity--The Gift of Paper, Crayons and Scissors

Having two of my grandchildren with me full time has given me a new opportunity to think about the creative spirit we are all born with, and what encourages that creativity to flourish. What can inspire hours of imaginative thought and entertainment for both Hannah, age 3, and Noah, age 6, is paper, crayons, pencils and scissors. These two can translate any scribble or cut shape into the most imaginative stories and creatures. With a little glue and staples, they can put together crazy collages that excite them and make them proud of their originality.

Today as I watched Hannah drawing, using the piano bench as her work surface, I had a flashback to 60 years ago when the piano bench was my favorite play area.

Why am I an artist today? I give my mother a lot of credit for never holding back with the typing paper. Although she was of the frugal, Depression area thinking, I always got the biggest box of crayons with the most colors and I was never restricted with the use of paper.

A little paper, crayons, pencils and paper can have a lifetime effect.

What inspired you in your creative paths, or other endeavors?

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Unknown said...

Margaret: I was inspired by your comments before I went to CA to visit our two youngest grandchildren also the same ages as yours. We painted on Yupo with the spider webbing. I didn't take my concentrated Dr. Ph.Martin paints on the plane but just used my travel paints. They both had a blast. Even my son and daughter-in-law asked to learn how to do it. See -- creativity can be reborn or created in each one of us. Joe said he is next.