Monday, December 14, 2015

Back to the River

I feel I am in a transition period in my artwork. I've focused mainly on my River Series for the past several years, but now I am searching for other ways to express myself through art. It isn't easy.

As I've worked with figurative paintings and experimented with different media, I'm often frustrated, stressed and struggling in the studio. It's a good thing to stretch, expand, and experiment; but as I said before, it isn't easy. So while I'm struggling to refine another direction, why not pull something familiar out of the drawer?

I found Catch, No Release II unfinished in my "starts" drawer a week or so ago and pulled it out. I was drawn to the comfort of its familiarity. The background was perhaps half done, and the lovely water and heron called to me with a soft voice, "You can paint us. You know how." And so I have completed this piece while working on a couple of new ideas. As much as it is good to stretch, it is also good to have control of a painting, knowing where it's going.

This piece may look familiar to my viewers. An earlier version was purchased by Umpqua Community College.

Catch, No Release II
Mixed Media
22 x 18 inches

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