Sunday, May 1, 2016

How Much Can I Fit Into One Crazy Week?

   The week started with a 2-day workshop in Brownsville, Oregon. The class participants  made unique stamps and collage papers. They then applied these new skills to their art work. A lot of good starts and ideas came out of the workshop.
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There were creative forces swirling around the Brownsville Art Center!

After the workshop, I headed north with my husband to meet our younger daughter in Seattle. She had flown up from Arizona for her 2-year medical evaluationWe spent two days meeting with the medical staff working on this phase 2 study. Rachel had received a rather drastic and experimental treatment for her MS two years ago. This yearly check-up showed no disease activity at all. She is apparently cured, an unheard of thing with MS until a few years ago. Can you see the joy in the faces of Rach, docs and staff?

Our plans were to stay in the area until Thursday to attend the Northwest Watercolor Society reception for the International Exhibition. While traveling, I got the word that my painting was to receive an award! To celebrate and unwind, we spent a couple of days in Port Townsend.

Then it was back to Seattle where I was delighted that my painting, "Enduring the Cure," had won 5th place! I am so honored to have gotten an award among such strong paintings.
Getting a personal critique from the juror,
Jeanie McGuire.

After the crazy, full and amazing week, Mike and I finally put Rachel on the plane at Sea-Tac sending her back to her home and family in AZ.  We then stopped by Camas, WA to see our older daughter, Meg at the rock yard she manages. Then back to Blue River.

The last two days I've been unpacking, doing laundry, and unpacking my art supplies. New paintings are floating around in my mind. Stay tuned!

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