Tuesday, July 28, 2020

A Drive, a Picnic and a Painting

I know my husband and I are not alone in missing a dinner out, face to face visits with friends or a movie in a theater. Rather than complaining or feeling sorry for ourselves (and believe me we have nothing to complain about) we try to create an adventure by driving for 45 minutes, up dirt roads, climbing 4000 feet to a spectacular viewpoint.

This view of the Three Sisters is spectacular. Not only can you see these three mountains, but there is a panoramic view of many other Cascade Mountain peaks. We pulled out our chairs, a cooler with our lunch and settled back to soak up the beauty. If you are unfamiliar with our forests, the brown areas among the green are the results of past summer fires.

As we relaxed with full tummies, Mike pulled out a book and I grabbed my traveling art bag. Using the cooler lid for my paints and water, I began a quick sketch.

Some might question why I would try to paint a wonderful scene like this, when a photograph captures it so well. But in this recent isolation, I have discovered an enjoyment to plein air painting and I can see my skills grow along the way. Another reason to paint it is Mother Nature forgot to put the fuchsia fireweed into the scene--something a camera cannot do. Ignoring the whining mosquitos and flies buzzing around, I painted away until both Mike and I were ready to pack up the 4-Runner. I had the feel of the scene and good photos to finish the painting in the studio.

So with a put of work today in my studio a finished this piece, cherishing the memory of yesterday.

Olallie Ridge View, 10 x 14, Watercolor on Paper


Ruth Armitage said...

I love it - and enjoyed reading your comments about why we enjoy painting a scene from life. Wonderful!

Tara said...

Good blog piece! I like the art, too!