Saturday, October 24, 2020

How to Become a Floating Nomadic Artist

It has been nearly two months since our home burned down in the Holiday Farm Fire. We first stayed with family, which was nice and comfortable, but not practical as a long-term solution to our situation. 

And there it is, Long-Term!

"This has been a great little adventure, but now let's go home."

We have moved into a very comfortable, fully furnished rental for at least two months, but we are making plans to rebuild on our property. That is more like a two year process. My original thinking after our evacuation was that since "by the grace of" the studio didn't burn down, I would just drive up to Blue River to return to being a productive painter. However, the reality of doing that is not that simple nor practical. 

  • Currently my studio is also home to tools since it is the only locked space on the property.

  • The only way to get light is to haul the generator out of the studio, get it started, hook it up to the barn's electrical breaker panel. 
  • With winter coming, it will be darn cold to work in there.
  • Plus it is an hour drive each way.
  • Did I mention that Mike is having double knee-replacement surgery next week? Nurse Margaret will be on duty for quite awhile.
I have to put together a creative spot for this current rental and where ever we end up after that. Yesterday I went up to our property and started seriously thinking about my new pop-up studio. It may not make sense to other people, but I pulled a tarp over two picnic benches, and laid out Arches hot press 140 lb. watercolor paper. Next I got my gold gesso I had tucked away in the studio and got to work. 

And why does this make sense you may ask?  Preparing a full sheet of gessoed paper is messy and I don't really want to do a messy prep like this at a rental. 

Enduring the Cure (Sold)
And can't I paint on just plain white watercolor paper? Yes, but some of my most successful paintings have been done on gold gessoed paper. (Thank you, Carla O'Conner!)



Heron's Winter Dreams (Sold)

Now I am ready to begin a new painting routine in a new spot with folding tables on gold gessoed watercolor paper. 

Stay tuned, as they say! 
Find the wren. There is beauty in the Ruins.

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Ruth Armitage said...

So glad you are getting a pop-up studio set! Looking forward to seeing what happens there!