Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Goodbye 2020

(This post has turned out to be more of a "sometimes dreaded" Christmas/New Years letter. Read on if you want to catch up on my current situation.)

So much has happened since my last post, it is hard to believe it has only been a bit more than a month. Of course December was full of holiday preparation and events, and Mike threw in cataract surgery to the festivities. 

I made a tiny Christmas painting.

Making the Holidays Personal

Angelica learned to sew.

We had outdoor gatherings with friends and family to visit and exchange gifts--luckily there were some sunny days for that. We tried our best to enjoy the buildup to Christmas. Angelica and I had some projects to complete before the opening of gifts.

On one of our visits to our property, I gathered greens from downed trees. My niece and great-niece joined me in a wonderful day of wreath making. Their addition of holly with berries added so much color.

Our Blue River Christmas Eve

We celebrated Christmas Eve on our McKenzie River property with friends around a huge bonfire. In years past, we have hosted an elaborate holiday dinner. This was quite different, but a gathering of river folk was warming to our hearts and the bonfire warmed our bodies.

Christmas Eve dinner, Christmas morning and dinner were smaller than sometimes, as we were limited to the small group of our germ bubble. None the less, we enjoyed getting a real tree, decorating it mostly with bright red bows. The smell of evergreens wafted through the house as we looked forward to the opening of gifts.

Memories of Christmas past unearthed more sad losses such as the collection of ornaments Mike and I gathered from 51 years of marriage.

Decking the Halls

Christmas Gifts

Mike modeling his new Pendleton shirt.

Angelica's boyfriend, Cassidy, opens his gift from her (her first sewing project) a flag made of bandanas.

Welcoming in the New Year, it was quiet. Mike and I were alone and only I stayed up until midnight. I was more than happy to say goodbye to the year of the Covid Virus, political divides, and our home being burned down. I know many of you feel the same, even without the fire.

The next day, Mike and I took off for the coast to celebrate our 51st Anniversary at Depoe Bay. It was just one night, but really lovely and sweet. We continue to appreciate how lucky we are to have built this long lasting love affair.

Another Move

This past week we moved into another house we hope to rent for the duration while our new home is built. It is just 10 miles from our property which will make it so easy to get to and work on our property. This house is right on the McKenzie River--one of the few homes that didn't burn in the Holiday Farm Fire. So far I have seen more smiles from Mike and Angelica than I have since the fire--we are "River People!"

Angelica on the deck overlooking the McKenzie.

 I promise to make my next post about creating art.

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