Friday, October 26, 2007

East Hawaii Cultural Center Fall Arts Festival

Tomorrow I'll be taking 3 paintings to the East Hawaii Cultural Center for their juried Fall Festival. Each artist can take 3 pieces in, but since it is a juried show, I don't know what pieces will be accepted. All three paintings are based on Hawaiian themes. The first, Rainbow Falls, is a waterfall very near downtown Hilo. The second, Hawaii Charm, is an imagined setting with a version of a real house placed in it. The chickens in the yard add a bit of humor and authenticity. The last painting, Waipio Valley, was inspired by a daytrip we took down there when the mist almost covered the view of Hi'ilawe Falls and the tulip trees were in full bloom.
Last year they accepted 2 of my 3 entries.

Let me know via comments, which entries you are betting on.

Rainbow Falls
20" x 17"
Transparent Watercolor

Hawaii Charm

Transparent Watercolor

Waipio Valley
17" x 20"
Transparent Watercolor

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Lily said...

Great foreground in Waipio valley.