Friday, October 19, 2007

You be the Judge

I have 2 different things you can weigh in on if you choose.One is somewhat silly. My neice responded to my new blog and after seeing my self portrait, she stated that I was much prettier in person. So here you go, you be the judge.

The second issue is to view two paintings. For me this is, of course, more serious. Often what I do is look at a painting over days or weeks before declaring it finished. The painting I posted yesterday had two small things that bothered me--the path was too white, and the bike in the grass was too isolated. So this afternoon I splattered the path to create a bit of color and texture. I'm not so happy with that, so I may go back and lift those splatters off and try a new approach.

To address the bike in the grass, I simply added some more texture to the foreground, creating more grasslike areas. I think this was a successful solution.

Let me know if you want to weigh in on either issue.

by MargArt
6:05:00 PM
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