Wednesday, June 11, 2008

An Opening and Workshop in Hilo

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I had the best time in Hilo May 28 - June 4! After much planning and preparation, I scheduled an art-filled trip including an art opening at Chase and Hanes Gallery and a 2 day workshop at Hilo Art and Glass Supply. The preparation began back in January, contacting the gallery and workshop location, coordinating a time far enough in the future that publicity of the events could be arranged. I also needed time create new art for the opening, get giclees made, order mats and frames, etc.

On my part, I used an internet source to make a postcard announcing the opening. That had its own learning curve, as the first batch of 300 had a typo (my fault) and the painting image was too dark. Fortunately, the cards are cheap and the mistake only cost me $50. I also created posters which I mailed off to the gallery. (If anyone reading this wants more details about preparing for an opening, I'd be happy to share all my limited knowledge.)

The day before the opening I really got excited when a painting sold as the gallery owner and I were just hanging the new pieces. A very nice family from Tokyo walked in the gallery and bought "Hawaiian Charm." I felt charmed indeed!

The opening night was so affirming! So many of my friends and acquaintances showed up. A few things sold, but more importantly it was just plain fun.

**For more pics of the opening:

The morning after the opening I held a 2-day workshop focusing on abstract work.

Day one: Using ink and a straw.

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Day 2: Using collage to build a painting.
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The workshop was full and the participants were very creative and came up with some wonderful pieces during the two days.

As you can see from my work, I am adding pattern to my paintings. I'm just in the early stages of going in a new direction.

I wrapped up the 8-day trip by taking 3 new paintings up to the Volcano Art Center, seeing the gas plume rising out of Halema'uma'u Crater, and sneaking in 2 1/2 deliciously wasteful hours seeing "Sex in the City."

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