Wednesday, September 3, 2008

One Acceptance and One Rejection

On returning home from our Salmon River trip, I had two envelopes waiting for me. One was from the Hawaii Watercolor Society telling me that this painting "Lava Patterns" was accepted into the 2008 Open Show.


The other envelope was from the Watercolor Society of Oregon telling me that neither "Crow Man" nor "Dancing with Crows" was accepted to the Fall Show. I knew when I sent these off that they were risky choices. They are not "pretty," but I am proud that I am painting with content. These paintings convey ideas that are unique and original.
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Anonymous said...

Hi Margaret,
Congrats on your acceptance in the Hawaii show. I was in the group that wasn't accepted in WSO too. You just never know! I wouldn't give up on this series or these particular paintings... The one I had rejected from the George James WSO show was accepted in the NWWS open show.
xo Ruth