Friday, May 1, 2009

Proud Lady

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Here is the image of the SMJ house I posted last week. Thank you for the many helpful responses. I had a lot of time to think about making adjustments to the painting as I drove to and from Astoria this past week. By the time I got home I could hardly wait to work on some improvements.

First I used the atomizer to spray a warm gold mist over the house and tree to the left of the house. I carefully covered the sky and foreground to keep the warmth on the middle ground.

Next I used a slightly tinted white gouache to bring back some of the light to the house and lead the eye across the house from side to side.

Then I worked on the foreground adding darks in a cool blue wash to add interest and make the two corners different in size and shape. I added some marks to those shapes and then used line to create the branches and twigs coming out of the brush toward the house.

What I hope the changes did was create more unity in the painting, more interest and better design elements.

My favorite part? the Asian look to the bay window on the right. Does anyone else see it?

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Proud Lady 22 X 18

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Anonymous said...

So, yes, I see it and I love the Asian influence. It is all over the mid-East and I love it....but from whence does it come??
The name is good and the look is so proud and pleasing.
I think this is off to the competition with the will to win!!

I am calling you soon to talk about the b-day weekend.


Anonymous said...

This is lovely. I don't see the Asian effect you mention, but it would be appropriate -- the Victorians were fascinated by "Chinoiserie." (I may have to own this painting someday!) Your History Sister

Anonymous said...

Great, Margaret. what I like is the new light in the big tree on the left, the twigs in the bushes in the foreground and the new warmth to the house. You are amazing, really. I can tell you are a REAL artist by the way you just stay with a painting till you get the look you want. AND you know how to do it. I hope it gets in the show.

Anonymous said...

The Victorian house turned out GORGEOUS!! I love love love everything about it. I love that the detail is on the home itself and not in the trees surrounding it. The colors are warm and very inviting.

Just beautiful!


Mikayle said...

I do a lot of work for the SMJ House and it is nice to see your piece. I can't wait to see the show. Can I use this image on the SMJ Website with your permission and credit you.

—Mikayle Anderson