Sunday, February 7, 2010

Week Five-One "Take Off" After Another

The small collage of a Great Blue Heron, "Take Off," has received a lot of positive comments. My critique group suggested that I try to enlarge the painting and use only transparent watercolor rather than collage. If the new painting is successful, it will be possible to enter it in competitions limited to transparent watercolors only.

I took this on as an interesting challenge. First I had to enlarge the original, which I did with the help of Kinkos. Then I had to trace the enlarged black and white image on to the watercolor paper. Then it was a matter of painting, carefully using the original as a reference.

So my painting of this week is unlike any I've done in the past--an exact copy of my own work!

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Original Take Off, 10 x 13

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Enlarged Take Off II, 21 x 29

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Anonymous said...

Good luck...isn't interesting how colors change when one tries to recreate...good job. LV