Wednesday, March 24, 2010

An Odds and Ends Week

Today I got the last notification of a string of competitions tying up several paintings while waiting for results. Of the five competitions I entered, I got 2 acceptances. Oddly, paintings got into a national show, a state show, but I got rejections from 2 local exhibits. What does that say about my work?

In the meantime, I put to use some of the information from the workshop I took earlier this month and created two pieces using acrylic paint, ink and collage. These are very similar in appearance to the watercolor series I created for the Volcano Art Center in Hawaii. But with 4 coats of gloss medium, they are ready to frame without mats or glass/Plexiglas.

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Fissures, 11 x 14

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Last Glow, 11 x 14

These 2 paintings along with a 3rd yet to be created are going to Hawaii. The large watercolors I did sold quite well until the economic downturn, so I am hopeful that these smaller, suitcase size pieces with lower prices and no glass will sell like hotcakes.

Spring is here, even the calendar says so now. The warm, sunny days do wonders for the human spirit and the garden.

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Opening tulips

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My quirky frog prince guarding pansies.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, I think I might recognize some of those paste papers on your new work. Outstanding!!! Speaking of Hawaii, I am off on Saturday for Kaui. Yeah!! Jennie