Monday, March 1, 2010

Spirits Soar As Swallows Swoop In

As I said in my last post, being an artist has it's emotional ups and downs. I was down on Friday because of a rejection, only to be up again on Sunday when I got an email of "Congratulations!" from the Watercolor Society of Oregon. Orchid Eruption was accepted by juror Stephen Quiller for the WSO Fall 2010 Show. I dare not hope for a 2nd Best in Show for this peice, but perhaps and award? We'll see.

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Orchid Eruption, 21 x 29 inches

On another topic, our first swallows flew in this morning--March 1. One handy thing about blogging is I have references for past events in my life, including last year's first swallow's arrival on March 12. Because of the amazingly warm winter and early spring, the swallows are almost 2 weeks earlier this year. I'm now watching for the first hummingbird!


Anonymous said...

Thanks Margaret, congratulations on getting a painting in the WSO show.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Margaret! Yes you can, yes you can! (place)

Anonymous said...

Hi honey,

I was glad to see you back last week and now I am excited to open this new blog. I told Mike when he called for Kevin that I had been missing you. It is so fun to have my own private gallery to check regularly. Remember to keep it fun. Discipline is good but you deserve time to enjoy life. You do seem to be very good at seeking the balance.

Love you, Toni

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the orchids and the early swallows. Nature does so lift the spirits. I'm watching whales. They lift my spirits.

I keep thinking about your getting into teaching classes again. I think you are a great teacher of watercolor and so many would benefit from your teaching. Could you hold classes 1x per week in town? You are actually doing it via internet by explaining your processes. But up close and personal can really give a person that special touch.