Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Family, Family, Family

What does an artist do when the grandkids arrive? I drop the brush and play!

Weekend before last, Rachel brought down all four Vancouver grandchildren (her three plus Angelica) for a weekend in the country. Mike and I arranged for the two oldest to have a horseback riding lesson.

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Marin on Mocha

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Angelica riding Bloomer

After the weekend of fun on the ranch, Mike and I headed up to Vancouver to stay with Rachel and her kids, while her husband went to Amsterdam for work. On the way North, we stopped by Birch Home to introduce my mom to Hannah, her youngest great-granchild.

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Hannah with Great-grandma Margaret

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Great-grandma Margaret with Angelica, Marin, Noah, Rachel and Hannah

The week in Vancouver whipped by. The week had very few outings, but we were really busy none the less. Rachel and I did take Hannah over the river to Portland one day to visit my sister and niece.

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Hannah and sister Barbara

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Hannah and neice Becky

Both of my daughters lead very busy lives. But Rachel is especially busy with 3 children now and her return to graduate school. Luckily, one of the most helpful things I could do was hold Hannah.

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Me nodding off with Hannah

I ended my week with a morning of baking with Noah. I had a dinner party to attend Friday night and Noah was great help making brownies for dessert.

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Noah cleaning up

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Anonymous said...

Great photos. I loved the photo of your brownie helper with his face covered with brownie mix! Aren't we lucky to have our grandkids!?