Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Finishing up the Workshop Pieces

Life got busy, so today was the first day of this week I had to head out to the studio. I wanted to work on a couple of the pieces from the Stroud workshop. 

This is the piece we started day 4 of the workshop. The beginning of the piece was covering at least 1/2 of the paper with black gesso. After that dried, we worked the piece up with acrylics, stamps and some collage. This is what I came home with. I felt it was a good start. I like the colors and the Middle Eastern feel to it. I started seeing doorways and maybe a flying carpet.

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So today I began having fun with the stamps. I would paint inside them and enhance the impact. I also worked on tying more of the golds together throughout the painting. I printed a copy of the Arabic alphabet to make my marks more authentic to the feeling I got from the piece.

Arabian Nights 22x30

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I also took the piece I posted last week and tried, once again to make it more coherent.  My last attempt made it way too busy, so today, I mixed a light blue opaque color, to create a calm backdrop for the very active leaves and patterns. Here are all three versions.

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Memories of Blemished Leaves 22x30

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I enjoyed creating the skeletons of leaves and once again using a blend of positive and negative painting to finish up this painting. And because this was inspired by leaves I found in the winter, it seemed fitting that the would be partially decayed, leaving remnants.

And finally, one more attempt to make Civita: Maria's Treasures work. (This was not a workshop piece.)


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Civita: Maria's Treasures 14x11

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I'd love to get some feedback.

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Ruth Armitage said...

Love what you did with Arabian Nights & Civita's Treasure. I'm not sure that the blemished leaves piece is coherent enough for me yet.... but it is better :) Fun to see what you've been up to.