Thursday, October 20, 2011

A Second Try at Resist

I had so much fun with the first ink and resist painting (the one of Mike and the cat) that I decided to try it again. This time I used white gouache to resist the ink and painted on a smaller piece of paper (11 x 16). I was able to do more detail using gouache, so decided to use a subject I've used a number of times, the Sheldon McMurphey Johnson House which is in Eugene.

After letting the gouache dry completely, I put black ink over the surface. I let that dry overnight and this is what I got after rinsing the painting completely.

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I decided to paint portions of the framed area. Did I make the right call on leaving the sky white, or should it be painted?

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Victorian Lace, 16 x 11 inches

Here are my other interpretations of the SMJ House.

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Proud Lady, 21 x 18 inches

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Checkered Past, 29 x 21 inches


Anonymous said...

The blue could so slip up to the sky and then the border would stand out more. It is such a fun concept for that wonderful painting. Toni

Ruth Armitage said...

I love the white sky :)