Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Beating the January Blahs--2013 in Review

The holidays are over, I've had a couple of rejections from the art world lately, it's raining, and I do not feel inspired to paint. I'm pretty sure I have the January blahs.

Rather than curling up in a ball and waiting for spring, I decided to look at my successes and memorable moments from the past year. With a blog, it's really easy to do that. And I was uplifted to see how many good things had happened in my art life this past year.

January: I reworked the painting Convocation II which later sold. My painting Blue Moon Heron was accepted in the Fallbrook Art Center Signature American Watermedia Exhibit. (That was a big WOW for me.)
Convocation II SOLD
Blue Moon Heron
River Strata
February: My painting River Strata was accepted into the Western Federation of Watercolor Societies Exhibit.

March: Convocation I was accepted to the Expressions West Exhibit at Coos Art Museum, I hung paintings at Zenon's Restaurant, and sold another heron painting.

April: I had a wonderful time in Albany serving as the President of the Watercolor Society of Oregon, then attending the week-long workshop afterwards. The instructor, Mary Ann Beckwith was a fount of knowledge. (The kite painting was produced in the workshop.)
Convocation I
Windy Day
Food Chain SOLD
May and June: This was a bitter-sweet couple of months. I was fortunate enough to take my older sister on a European/Canary Island cruise while I taught art on the cruise ship. We had a great bonding experience, but had to deal with the fact that while we were on this vacation our mother died and our other sister was left at home dealing with all the issues and details that came along with her death. When we returned we had a huge family gathering at my home in Blue River.

The paintings I did around this time were several easy watercolors to teach to a large crowd on the ship and two small pieces inspired by my travels. One sold immediately.
Balcony Bouquets: Canary Is.

Cruise Painting (1 of 5 projects)
Climbing to Heaven: Bath, England

July: The month brought summer fun with rafting. This time on a river inspires more ideas for art and greater connection with the earth.

Middle Fork Salmon River Vista
Sing Me The Legends
August: My transparent version of Blue Moon Heron was accepted in the Watercolor Society of Oregon Fall Show.

 September: I was commissioned to paint a 75th birthday gift. My time on the rivers and the self-reflection led me to create the first of my River Tapestry Series.

River Tapestry #2
River Tapestry #1
Umpqua River-Commissioned Work

October: This month was highlighted by our Watercolor Society of Oregon Convention in Bandon. At that convention I passed on the President's gavel to the organizations new President. I also received recognition at two differents art exhibits: 2nd place for my transparent Blue Moon Heron II at the WSO show, and 1st place in watercolor at the Springfield Mayor's Art Show for Yosemite Trickster.

Blue Moon Heron II
Yosemite Trickster

November: My small exhibit at Full City Coffee allowed me to put up my River Tapestry Series in a strong grouping, allowing me to fully take in how beautiful these new pieces are. I also created some small whimsical pieces, one of which sold.
Flap But Once SOLD

Coffee Shop Display
River Tapestry #4

December: When the holidays rolled in, I was still able to work on a few pieces, three in fact, exploring the same design. I sold a print and fulfilled another commission for a friend. Herons' Winter Dreams started in December and was finished this past weekend, so I would say that is the last painting of 2013.
Herons' Winter Dreams
Looking back at the year, it has been a good one. In fact, I would be happy to create as many paintings, receive as much recognition, and sell as many paintings in the coming year. 

Thank you for following my year's journey with me!


Ruth Armitage said...

You rose above all the challenges and had a great year! I am so proud to call you a friend! What an inspiring role model and peer you are!

Anonymous said...

One busy woman. Congratulations on well directed energy. LaVonne

Anonymous said...

Just got around to viewing your entries. This year's review was wonderful. You really HAVE been productive and I appreciated seeing all your works, some of which I hadn't seen before.
All of this and still able to attend to your daughter's needs............pretty amazine, Margaret!
We will be thinking of you and Mike as you journey to Italy to be with Rachel during her treatment. How we pray that it will be successful.
We are leaving for the months of Feb. & March to get some warmth and allow Mike to get his 'golf fix'.
Keep us posted as to the progress of her treatments.
May God bless your journey............Marline