Sunday, August 16, 2015

Katherine Chang Liu's Ventura Artists' Retreat--A Place to Grow and Mature as an Artist:Part III

30" x 22"
Transparent Watercolor
This is the last piece to come out of the time I spent in Ventura. Katherine considered this the best piece of the three, commenting that it "captured" the person. At her suggestion, I left the white of the paper on the hat, shirt and lower half of the painting. I like the way it gives a punch to the face, red lettering and red shoes. The most challenging part of this technically, was painting the foreshortened figure. I stubbornly (because I knew it would be difficult) chose this view because the interesting shoe arrangement. As with the other paintings, there is plenty of symbolism in this piece, but I will leave it to your own interpretation. Do you find this image evocative?

Perhaps the most important thing I came away with, is that I can paint everything from hats to shoes and figures both imaginatively or realistically. I can even paint a grubby sock. I can use transparent watercolor, collage, acrylic paints and even a little bit of gold leaf. So the "message to self" is that at this point in my art career, I am not limited by materials or subject matter. I can paint almost anything that comes to mind. The real challenge now is choosing a topic for my next series. Stay tuned!


Ruth Armitage said...

Hi Margaret,
I love this one too! The foreshortened figure is definitely evocative, especially the leg crossed under. And Rachel's facial expression and tilt of the head is strong. Congratulations!

Margaret Godfrey said...

Thank you, Ruth!