Thursday, August 20, 2015

Katherine Chang Liu's Ventura Artists' Retreat--A Place to Grow and Mature as an Artist:Part IV Wrapping Up

What brings artists back to this art retreat year after year? Beyond the personal growth and guidance in one's own artistic journey, there is synergy created by 20 plus artists in the same room day after day. The attending artists come from all over the U.S and Canada prepared to work hard for the two weeks.
Each artist works with different media, styles and visions. I love the exposure to so many creative ways to express oneself. Some artists come with bags full of batting and fabrics and yarns.
Others bring a year's worth of boxes and treasures to put in those boxes. There are other painters, but no one's work looks a thing alike.
Beyond what each person brings to the studio to expand each other's thoughts about art, Katherine puts on a power point presentation each morning. The images cover art from geometric to shape driven to figurative to realism. Each presentation shows new and interesting ways to talk about our world through art.

Of course, there is the one on one time with Katherine where she offers her insight and encouragement. She is gifted with an ability to look at an artist's work and help them discover strengths and inclinations to build on. I know I have come home each time with more faith in my own abilities, energy to continue working and excitement to see what I might do next! 


Anonymous said...

Margaret..I love this series you're working on..touches of Klimt (I've always liked his landscapes too)..hats and shoes..the poses and colors..great job..keep on growing! Warmly, Julie

Anonymous said...

excellent summation! I envy your opportunity to study with Katherine. My exposure to her in Taos was so positive. Sandra