Friday, September 25, 2015

After a White Water Trip, I Got Back Into the Studio

Em rowing her parents, Dave and Cathy
We were so fortunate to have the last truly warm summer days on the Rogue River. It was so pleasant that Mike, Emily (my great-niece) and I slept out under the stars. Each night when I woke up with my normal insomniacal (yes, I know that's not a word) hour or so, I was just entertained by the beauty of the night sky. I would think about my ancestors, the many. many humans through the centuries who spent hours looking at this very sky and imagined scorpions and bears. I felt connected to my species in a way that was both comforting and peaceful. How can I paint that?

Unfortunately, I have a new camera and got very few good photos. I need to spend some time climbing up the learning curve!

My most beloved and reliable rower!
Returning home, I got back to the studio and worked on mounting a couple of my new pieces of art on wooden cradles. Earlier I posted the flowers in a vase. This week I mounted the diptych on a cradle I painted black. I think it is quite dramatic. A title? What do you think about "All About that Vase"?

The other piece I placed on a cradle is this small fish struggling through the rapids. Again, I'm searching for a title. Any ideas?

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