Sunday, September 6, 2015

Something Old, Something New

This week I enjoyed revisiting some of my older posts. I am amazed at the usefulness of this history I have created over my nearly 8 years of blogging. The two posts I sought out in the last few days were one from March 2013 on how to mount a painting on a cradle (because I plan on mounting the floral on a cradle, and a post from March of this year about marbling papers. I also went back to my saved "old desktop" to find one original painting that was brought back to life through marbling and painting over that. All of this searching was to present you, the reader, with as much information as I could about the process, which many people have asked about via facebook.;postID=7729941177761527597;onPublishedMenu=posts;onClosedMenu=posts;postNum=5;src=postname

I have had a bit of an artistic block lately Due to this personal artistic stagnation and frustration, I searched through some "starts" and pulled out my many marbled pieces created in Liz Walker's wonderful workshop back in March. Somehow, a vision of what could be came forward in my brain and I put two marbled pieces on my work surface.

This yellow and purple piece started as a half sheet of watercolor paper, but was cut into two pieces in order to fit into the marbling tray. On Friday I pulled out both pieces and decided to create a floral diptych (two related paintings.

The next painting I worked on was a marbled piece originally painted in 2004. I was a bit "on fire" and easily saw what I could do to turn this into a beautiful landscape.

The piece I finished today was a start from Hawaii in 2007. Below you can see the transitions of this painting.

Here it is as Haukalau Path, the original version.

Then, after it had marbling over the top of the original painting, it looked like this.

The final version, finished today, has an elderly couple walking into a magical place. I added the figures and enhanced, simplified, and reconfigured the space and colors until I was happy with this painting.

My last decision for this is whether to make the couple in the magic by adding a swirl or two over the figures, or to let them be on the outside, entering the magic. So far, opinions have leaned toward keeping it as it is. What is your opinion?

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