Friday, December 15, 2017

When Paintings Come and Go--One Way to Keep Track

This past month I have had 3 paintings in 2 different exhibits, 21 paintings in my solo exhibit, 2 sold paintings, and have a painting accepted in a February-April exhibit. There are other pieces entered in upcoming exhibits, but I have not yet been notified whether they are in or out. So how does one keep track of all the comings and goings?

Well, I have to admit this sort of thing has never been my strong suit. I know artists who keep notebooks full of records. There are computer programs out there for artist to use to record all sorts of information about their artwork. Frankly, none of these methods have worked for me long term. In part, I don't have that many paintings out there, but enough so my memory bank in my brain can't handle it all.

What has worked well for me is using my computer calendar. I have a specific color for my art entries. I can put the name of the painting, the exhibit I'm entering and the name of the juror on the date I send off my entry. Then I go forward and put in the date I will get notification whether my work has or has not been accepted. After acceptance, I can put in the date it must be delivered, show opening and closing dates and when to expect the painting shipped back to me. If I have not been accepted, I still know what I put out there.

In the last week, these 3 paintings arrived, returned from shows. I knew they were coming because my calendar told me so.

And this painting below will need to be shipped off to California before January 1st. The show dates are also on my calendar--February 4 - April 15, 2018 in Fallbrook, CA.

Will She Be Allowed
Mixed Media on paper

 There are days I get frustrated by technology, but there are other days I love it.

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