Sunday, March 24, 2019

Art Can Be About Sharing and Teaching

People often envision the somewhat crazy, wacky artist as a loner. Van Gogh with one ear chopped off alone in a field painting haystacks, or Jackson Pollack hanging on a swing in his barn splattering paint on a giant canvas.

That is not me, nor the typical artist that I know. We love to share our creative ideas and teach others. So last week I was delighted to have my good friend and excellent artist, Kathy Tiger, come up to my barn studio (where I rarely swing and splatter paint). She is a wonderful watercolor artist, but is now exploring collage and assemblage art.

I first set up my outside studio space with a plastic covered picnic table and the necessary equipment to do suminagashi marbling. (Thanks to fellow artist, Liz Walker, for sharing this fairly simple way to marble paper.) Kathy was like a kid in a candy shop!

First step drop in the ink. and gently swirl it around. 

Next lay the rice paper on the water.
Finally squeal with delight at what you just made!    

I was a bit chilly that day, so we moved into the studio for a gelli plate session. Again, Kathy's enthusiasm filled my studio as she experimented with various colors and stamps.

I can hardly wait to see how she begins using these new patterns and papers in her assemblage art.

She also gave me the gift of her critique of my recent painting, which had a few areas that were perplexing me. After she headed home, I went back out to my studio to create a collage material to add to the painting I'd been working on. The background color was muted some. I made some changes to the forehead and added a subtle collage material to create a better glow to the top of the head and hands. The yellow and white on deli paper just hints at a texture.



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"Margaret's wonderful humor and warm teaching style was a joy." Jan P.

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