Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Decisions, Decisions!

Much of finishing a piece of art is about problem solving and making decisions. Being able to look at a painting and trust your own judgement is an important step to make as an artist.  I often reach out to art friends for a critique, but in my heart I know that it is most important to trust myself and respond to my own judgment when looking over a painting. I think I have enough years under my belt to do just that!

Problem Solving

Today I pulled out a piece that I started back in October. I was distracted by many things going on at that time and stuck it in one of my all famous drawers as an unfinished piece. 

So the task this morning was to look it over and see what I viewed as a problem. Once I'd done that, I had to consider how or if that problem could be solved. 

  1. The piece is half and half light and dark.
  2. All the rock parts are similar value -- the one that the tree grows out of stands alone in front of the other rocks.
  3. The dark background is uninteresting.

I pulled out some deli paper collage materials to see if that could help solve some of the issues I was seeing.

But before that, I wanted to see what I could do with a brush and paint.

Problem #1: I brought more light to the top of the tree. I like the 
way the light flows up the rocks, through the trunk of the tree to the tree tops.

Problem #2: By darkening the rocks on the lower left, the emphasis is now clearly on the solitary rock holding up this survivor of a tree!

Problem #3: With more change of value from the lighter tree to the background, part of that problem is solved. I also added white snags intermixed with the dark to repeat the shaggy moss hanging from the lower part of the tree limbs.

As for the collage material, I put it away. this painting now pleases me with the simplicity of the paint. I am especially drawn to the rocks. I love painting this amazing tree on a standing rock we have seen over 20 years of rafting down the wild and scenic part of the Rogue River. It is now known to us as the Rogue Bonsai, seen on the last day of our trip. Today I trusted my own thoughts on how best to use my acquired art skills and convey my feelings about this special place.

What do you think?


Becki_H said...

Love it. I think you added just enough to perk up the interest and finish!

Becki Hesedahl

Unknown said...

Well done! I've often said that a large portion of the work I do as I paint is prob;em-solving! Thanks for sharing.

Tara said...

I think you made great choices.