Monday, June 22, 2009

Questions Rising Revised and a Busy Feeder

Here's the painting as I revised it to push back the dominance of the two smaller rising circles. An improvement, I think.

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Questions Rising 22 x 18

Mike took this great photo of our hummingbirds last night. We can barely keep the feeders full!

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Anonymous said...

Love the way that painting turned out. Also, I had to take a second look at Mike's photo. Your colors are so vivid, at first I tho't it was you next painting. Petie

Unknown said...

Your hummingbird feeder looks hand forged- seems most artists are surrounded by artistic objects in their daily lives.
I like the vantage point over the figures in this painting. using collage automatically flattened the composition making the interlocking shapes that much more significant. I like the way this turned out and I think you should push on with ripples and water. Ripples are waves and waves are vibration.