Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A Week of Waiting for Good News--It Came!

Today Mike heard that the pathology report from the additional tissue taken around the melanoma is clear. What great news. Thank you all for your positive thoughts.

I now realize how lethargic I'd been, pulled inwards: waiting, dreading, hoping, worrying, waiting. Everyday I've dragged myself out to the studio working on another abstract.

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Too dark!

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I masked over all the white in preparation to create a nice white shape.

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Inching along, I cut the tape to leave a shape.

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Here's the cool corner I used the atomizer to spray a blue mist over.

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Once I'd chosen the one cool, I was ready to use the atomizer on the other 3 corners spraying a warm color.

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Here's the abstract waiting for collage.

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I slowly added collage to add interest and liven up the peice. I took days adding a bit this day, a little more the next. Then today I made myself hit the studio to finish the collage and decide where the black would go. As the black acrylic paint was drying, Mike got the call from the doc telling him he was in the clear. I went back out to the studio and joyously added a flourish of red lines and "sealed the deal" on my focal point with a red pattern. Now I'm trying to figure out which orientation gives the painting the most impact. Oh, of course, a title would be nice.

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Untitled 30 x 22 oreintation A

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orientation B

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orientation C

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orientation D


Carrie H. said...

I like orientation D.

I would name it;
"Molecular Theory"

Good to hear the all clear!

Ruth Armitage said...

Hi Margaret! I know (from personal experience) how relieved you must feel! I like orientation A and I would title it 'Joyful News'! Congrats....

Anonymous said...


Thanks for the continued updates. I am so glad to hear Uncle Mike is in the clear!


PS. I like orientation D. I really like this abstract! I see something, but I would love to hear what it makes you think of. I have no title suggestions, but will look forward to hearing what you decide on!