Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Year's Greetings

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I just took this photo of Mike and me in front of our 2009 Christmas tree. We are now alone for the first time since December 18. Today has been a time of transition for me. For the past few weeks I have been fully into the roles of wife, mother, grandmother, hostess and all around "fixer" (as my daughter Rachel would say). After the holiday rush and celebration of Christmas, New Year, and our 40th wedding anniversary, I am sorting out what it is I do when life is "normal."

Today after the family left, Mike worked outside taking down lights and power washing our deck, walkways and patio. I have been running the washing machine and dryer like crazy, picking up, putting away toys and thinking... What is it I want to do tomorrow? What do I want to blog about in order to have a clean slate to post about art? What is on my plate now that the holidays are over?

As you may have read last year, I do not want to have New Year's Resolutions that are just a big cycle of changes I want to make and never do. I mean, how many times can we resolve to diet, exercise more, and change into a nice person?

For the last three years I have set goals about forgiveness and looking at the best in others. Have I managed to always put forth my goals and set aside judgement of others? Am I human? So even though some of my judgmental reactions make it across the finish line before I apply the brakes, I do think that I have managed to be more mindful, forgiving and generous towards others.

This year I am giving myself concrete goals. First, I will finish a minimum of one painting a week. Second, I will get my work into a gallery. I have been building a body of work for the last two years, since we returned from Hawaii, and now I feel I have enough consistent pieces to make contact with galleries. You must understand that putting these goals out there for all you readers to see is a bit intimidating. I have just made myself accountable to myself times how many of you readers there are out there.

Have you made a resolution or set goals? I'd love to hear from you and support you in your endeavors.

Years ago while on a walk on a beach two friends and I had a talk about what we dreamed our lives would be in the future and what would make us happy and fulfilled. I had named three things: continuing a great relationship with my husband, painting full time, and having financial security. So when Mike asked me a few days ago how my year had been , I knew that things were measuring up to my dream. I AM HAPPY! I know what I want and need in life to be happy and I have the support of so many friends and family to help me along my journey.

As I've learned from rafting: If your raft gets stuck on a rock, be sure you are floating with plenty of people who care enough to throw you a rope! Thank you to all of you who care!

Happy New Year and thank you for reading!

Here is a quick pictorial version of my holidays.

Christmas Eve and Morning
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Granddaughter Angelica reads in the sun, waiting for her cousins to arrive.

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Daughter Meg helps out with preparing the annual Christmas Eve feast.

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Friends Kathy and Steve enjoy Christmas Eve with us.

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Christmas morning: "Santa brought me a REAL camera!"

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Niece, Yoshiko, experiences the family Christmas.

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My sister Janice with her granddaughter Maya on Christmas morning.

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My nephew Wayne, with his son Sam opening gifts.

January 2, 2010

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Mike pushes grandson Noah on a family walk.

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And when Mike gets tired, the beagle Mattie can do the job.

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Rachel and Angelica kept ahead of us with their running and bike riding.

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Two of our grandchildren with daughter Rachel.

May the New Year be good to us all!


Unknown said...

I now look forward to your new year's 'resolutions', three years running is awesome. They are goals that I relate to and remind all of us what is really important. Nice to see it in print. I love how aware you are of the accountability issue of stating your goals out-loud to the world, and how that is really a good thing. I believe that you will accomplish all of them in style. Love, Dianne

Linda said...

You described what so many of us strive to accomplish, in your cleverly worded statement; "So even though some of my judgmental reactions make it across the finish line before I apply the brakes, I do think that I have managed to be more mindful, forgiving and generous towards others."
Really enjoyed seeing and reading about your art work (nice paintings in Coos Bay)and family.
From the start you have created,2010 will be all you that have described. Go gettum'!

Anonymous said...


My two BIG resolutions are: Do something BIG for my community. This one I have already started. Stay tuned. Have to get someone to take my WSO job because this new project is going to take tons of time and organization.
Carve out time every day to paint...even if the project is just moving paint.

Looking forward to seeing you at Brookings...I hope.

Linda N.