Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Revising Italian Market

On Friday, my critique group had a lot to say about this painting. I got high praise for the figures, but the background was not helping tell the story.

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This figure was crowned "the star" of the painting.

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So today I scrubbed the dickens out of the painting.

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I painted eggplants to add continuity to the colors, added purple throughout the fruit, and repainted the background to create a setting that wouldn't fight for attention with the lower part of the painting which is where the story is. The male figure's shirt was given a bit of color, and the beige shirt on woman #2 got added detail. It may still need more color to make it less prominent.

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Ruth Armitage said...

Better! I still feel like he's trying to steal a piece of fruit. Is that your intention? Great body language on the women.

Anonymous said...

Margaret...good work...You might consider getting rid of the top two boxes or moving them more behind the middle lady? They look too steep and stop her line of vision...perhaps you only need to get rid of the one on the right? Just a thought. lv

Margaret Godfrey said...

I'm still working on this. It may just be a repaint, but for now I'm trying to stick with it to solve the problems.

Ruth, I see the man as the grocer, dreading helping these picky ladies.