Friday, June 11, 2010

A Little Art and A Lot of Other Stuff

So my two months of being on my own are almost at an end, and what happened during that time was not at all what I had envisioned. Was I out in my studio painting every day? No. Was I inspired with fabulously innovative new visions for art? No. Did I sit on my patio in the warmth of a summer evening with a Margarita in one hand and a great novel in the other? Again, no.

What I did was handle life with all it's expected/unexpected, predictable/unpredictable, yet necessary events and tasks and hurdles.

As I already mentioned, there was a two week span in Vancouver helping my daughter through her post-surgery recovery. Then there was trying to get my neglected and overgrown yard in some sort of acceptable state, which was very hampered by the foul weather the Pacific Northwest has had this spring/summer. Next was handling the repairs and renovations of my mother's condominium, then staging it for sale. Also, I am attending two celebrations for my eldest granddaughter as she graduates from high school. Last, but not least, is the planning and preparations for my trip to Italy!

Where I stand now is I am on the other side (is that the far side?) of the recovery and yard crisis. One grad. celebration is over and one yet to come tomorrow. The sale of the condo is being negotiated as we speak. I hope I can report that it is SOLD by the end of this post! And the planning for the Italy trip is done, the packing is not.

Now to speak of art--I didn't have to do anything to get some local exposure, as my painting placed on a flyer created to promote the upcoming WSO Convention to be held in Eugene next spring.

I also squeaked in a few minutes in the studio to tweak my Rogue Heron before entering it in the Watercolor West competition. The painting isn't new, but I have done several sessions to solve most (I hope) of it's problems.

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Rogue Heron 22x29, Transparent Watercolor

My husband's last update was they are 1000 miles from L.A., expecting to arrive on June 20 or 21. I will be in the middle of my trip to Tuscany where I will stay in Montecatini Terma, Florence, Cinque Terre, Siena, and Rome. There is a little sadness that he will come home to an empty house, but I expect a great reunion when I get back.

Oh. . .the art, architecture, street scenes and landscapes I will see in Italy!! With a backpack of art supplies and a camera, I hope to capture some of Italy, bring it home and turn it into paintings.

And if you were waiting to hear that my mother's property had sold--I'm still waiting for the final word.