Sunday, December 21, 2014

A December to Remember (Thus Far)

UUCE Exhibit
Although the month is not over, it has certainly been memorable. On December 1, I took down an exhibit of my paintings that had hung for a month in the Unitarian Universal Church Eugene.

Although the viewers of such a show is limited, it was a lovely space and rewarding for me to see so much of my work hung together. Thank you to my sister Janice, who is a member of the congregation, for arranging this event for me.

Life Cycle Imperitive #5

Janice relayed many positive comments regarding my artwork and I was pleasantly surprised to sell a painting. Someone is going to be very surprised and happy to find this under the Christmas tree!

After taking down the show, the first week of the month flew by, as we prepared for the send-off of the Carter family to Arizona. After Mike and I were the primary caretakers for Rachel and two of her three children for the months of February through May, then having Rach and all 3 children live next door to us for the following six months as Rachel recovered, we were restless and at a bit of a loss for how to get ready for their departure.
Hannah making muffins

Marin with her wreah
I used some of the time doing the rewarding and fun things with the grand-kids. Hannah and I made muffins and all three kids made their own Christmas wreaths for their new house.

Knowing that the move would interfere with many of the Carter Family's own traditions, Mike and I tried to fit as many things as we could into their last few days with us, including decorating our Christmas tree.

The Carter children decorating the Blue River tree.

Finally, the departure date arrived. In the early morning of Friday, December 5, with a car chuck-a-block; Rachel, 3 children, a cat and a dog drove out our driveway. Destination: Gilbert, Arizona.
But wait: there's more . . .

Noah, Hannah, Rachel and Marin ready to load up!
We got a call from our older daughter Meg, letting us know that she had an immediate need for abdominal surgery scheduled for December ninth. Since Mike had a minor surgery scheduled on his hand, I was the obvious choice for going to Camas, WA to support her and granddaughter Angelica through this period. (Are you laughing yet? Not at the surgeries, but at the irony of life!)

Meg before surgery
Meg heading home.
I spent December 8 through 19 in Camas. Meg had her surgery, Angelica continued to go to school, and I bounced back and forth between the hospital and Meg and Angelica's Camas home for 3 days until Meg was released from the hospital.

While Meg was in the hospital, I got the word that two of my paintings had been accepted into two different  national shows. "Herons' Winter Dreams" will be in the 6th annual Signature American Watermedia Exhibition at the Fallbrook Art Center, Juror Stephen Quiller. "Taken Under the Wing" will be in the 31st Annual Juried National Painting Show 2015 in  Redding, CA, Juror Vinita Pappas.
Herons" Winter Dreams
Taken Under the Wing
Now I am back in Blue River scurrying around preparing for Christmas. Most of my shopping is done. Meg (with a healing incision)  and I managed to shop, package and ship gifts to Arizona before Angelica was out of school for Christmas vacation. I am finishing the decorating of the house and looking forward to a lovely Christmas Eve gathering with our friends and family.

Since the first part of December reads like an entire year in review Christmas letter, I wonder . . .
what will the last 10 days of December bring?