Sunday, May 7, 2017

Workshop in Portland: "Adding Content to Your Art"

What a joy it is to share with others what I've learned over my years of painting, as well as what I practice in my own art journey!! This past week I had the privilege of working with six artists who were not only interested in what I had to share, but also were courageous in working out of their comfort zones. I think every participant in this workshop tried something they had not done in the past and will continue to carry with them ideas that will effect their art-making in the future.

For those of you who are not artists, it takes guts to face a white sheet of paper and put something personal and meaningful on it for others to view!

Although this was not a technique based workshop, I did share some tools I use for bringing my personal voice into my paintings such as making my own stamps and collage materials. I encourage doing research and writing during the planning stages of a painting. I believe all these things help an artist create an authentic, unique and evocative painting.

"I enjoyed beginning with an idea and having some tools and techniques to get going on it."

"The most meaningful for me were the interactions and reflections on my message."

". . .the encouragement to bring who I am, what speaks to me and my journey into my work."

"Great workshop! I liked the balance of teaching vs time to work"

"Margaret was generous with her knowledge and products. It was thoroughly enjoyable without pressure and plenty of time to make art."

" . . . working beyond painting just for technique and craftsmanship. It was meaningful to have one-on-one time with the instructor."

I brought many of my own paintings from several series and did short demonstrations each day. My talks included explanation of my own process, techniques used to get different effects in my work, and lots of questions and answers. On the last day I demonstrated how I create very saturated dark for my "Night Sky" and "River" series. Below is a class photo, minus the photographer, the participants' work, and me with my night sky beginnings.