Saturday, August 16, 2014

Heading Off to Art Camp

To be honest, the title of the blog is deceptive. I do not need to take bug repellent, hiking boots, canteen, tent or sleeping bag. I will not make a lanyard or write home. I hope I won't cry every night.

What feels like going to camp is that dangling of the unknown. Am I up to the tasks ahead of me? Will I fit into the group I'm about to join? Will I be able to get swept away into the new environment? Did I pack everything I need?

What I am about to do is fly to Ventura, California for a two-week art workshop with the famous Katherine Chang Liu. This is unlike many workshops in that I will not be taught techniques or new ways to paint, rather I will be guided to know more about myself, why I paint, and what direction I'm heading. Here is the list of daunting questions I've been asked to think about in preparation.

Regarding the eight images I'll share with Katherine:

My idea behind this body of work in general (my content):
Questions I have about the work: 
What I am satisfied about my work in general:
What I am dissatisfied with my work in general:
Changes I wish to make, or challenges I want to give myself regarding my work:

On Monday I sent a giant package of art supplies to Ventura. I'm confident I have paper, paint and burshes. What I'm more worried about is having the small things that I'm used to having in my studio: special little scratcher things or a little bottle top to make circular marks. And more importantly, will I arrive with my creative, artistic brain ready to be activated?

My huge box of supplies:

After my two weeks, I will post and let you know how it went. Mostly I look forward to so many days in a row where art will be my primary concern and where I can paint, draw, write or think without interruption.

Here is a small cutout of my latest work. Just a teaser until I'm ready to post the whole painting.