Tuesday, October 24, 2023

I Am a Multilingual Artist

Okay, I only speak English in speech and writing, but I speak many languages with my art. This is an issue I've dealt with in my art creation over and over. What is my language? Many artists have their own voice and rarely deviate from that language. In the many series that I've painted over the years, I do stay with one story or idea for a period of time. Then I see a new and different path, a language I have not yet spoken. I'm not talking about ways to apply paint, products to use, etc. I'm referring how to make my paper express and speak about what's in my brain and heart. 

For many years in October, I attended Katherine Chang Liu's art retreat in California. I always received  encouragement from Katherine to go in a certain art direction. Each October, I would come back fueled with a year's energy to paint a series. Last year I began painting faces and I will continue to paint these black and white portraits . . .

On the Street

But it's October! Sadly, Katherine has retired from teaching and I am on my own. What to do?

I am heading down a path I have been fearful of: Abstract. For years this idea of "Web of Worries" has been on my mind. You know, those thoughts that keep you awake at night. At first I added this to some of my portraits.


But now I am working toward a true abstract. Here is what came off the easel yesterday. As always, I would love to hear from you!!

Web of Worries: Field of Woes