Wednesday, March 2, 2022

Learning From Myself

One of the great things about Facebook is getting occasional memories. A photo will pop up which leads to going back to that moment one posted a picture and made a comment. Well the other day a painting popped up from 2014 with an invitation to read a blog. (My whole life since 2007 is on my blog.) So I did go back to that blog and it was so appropriate for this moment.

And here is the connection. For the last year I have been sending in paintings to competitions with one rejection after another. Reading my blog from eight years ago, I can learn from myself! Here is one quote from that blog:

"So what is one to do? I love this Alice Walker quote, 'Expect nothing. Live frugally on surprise.' I should put this on every prospectus that comes my way. I should prepare my images, fill out my forms, send my entry fees, and as I hit send or mail my envelope say 'expect nothing.' I want to "live frugally on surprise."

I also did a bit of self-cheerleading. Another quote:

  • Over 20 years of painting, I have learned to apply and manipulate paint in many different ways. I have a full tool belt!
  • I have found a topic I can discuss in my artwork over and over--my (humans) relationship with nature and the timeline of our existence.
  • My viewpoint is unique.
  • I have a whimsical side that comes through in my artwork.
  • I have a lot more fun creating a backdrop for my subjects rather than painting reality. (It's a bit like creating a setting in a stage production.)
  • Painting allows me to experiment and explore and find my art language.
  • My design and composition skills come more naturally.
So I have to chuckle. I am right where I was eight years ago in the world of competitions. Do I paint to get into shows? NO. Do I like to get into shows? YES. Am I still driven to create? Absolutely.

Here is the eye-candy. A painting I love that has gotten two rejections. Dare I put it out there for a third?

Under the Shadow of Calder
29" x 21"
Transparent Watercolor