Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Wrapping up the Website content

At Play in Reeds Bay
10 x 14

I think I finally sent off the last of the content my web designer needs to finish my website. I'm surprised at how much work and how many decisions went into gathering up and writing material for it. To begin with, I chose to make this a pretty complex website, as it is representing not only my paintings, but also my work as a teacher and illustrator. The site will have a unique feature for demonstrations--a step by step image and explanation of the creation of a painting.

My hopes for the website are that it will establish my serious attitude toward my art and my instructional skills. I teach art classes because I am an educator at heart and as I teach, I grow as an artist. I want this website to be flexible enough to grow and expand as my art life does.

I'm excited to think that I can now send folks off to my website and they can see the majority of my work with the click of a button! Get ready for margaretgodfreyart.com to come to life!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations, you are almost there. I love the Reed's Bay picture. It is very light and happy.

Margaret Godfrey said...

Thank you for sharing your blog site. I'm always interested in what you are doing and now I will be able to see your work in progress. I found your work with the comments most inspiring.

Unknown said...

I really like this painting Margaret. It's very catchy and reminds me of the innocence of childhood.

Anonymous said...

Hi Margaret,
I like the energy and fresh quality of the composition. Easy to see why it sold.
Is there already a series of this type in the works?

Welcome back to Oregon. Nice to see the wonderful photos of your studio,

Anonymous said...

Hi Margaret,
Loved cruising thru your website. It's beautiful and really gives a great feel for you as an artist. Actually till I went thru your whole gallery, I didn't really realize how versitile you are as an artist. Quite a range. It is a very attractive, inviting site. I know it took a lot for you to get it just right. Well worth the effort. Petie