Thursday, August 21, 2008

Old Friends and More Crow Man

The last two weeks have been filled with having old friends visit me here in Blue River. It was fun to host people here again, as the last couple of years were in Hawaii, where we had many visitors, but it was a different experience. My first company was a friend I've known 20 years and her daughter, Shari and Adrie. They came during our crazy hot days--103 degree days. Luckily our nights are cool and we have plenty of water here so we stayed pretty comfortable. We did a little traveling around, had a great afternoon with another friend we taught with years ago. We even fit in a horseback riding lesson for Adrie (the perfect activity for most 4th grade girls.) I realized after they left that I don't even have a photo of their visit.

My Hilo friend, Petie, came to visit next. She'd had a very busy time here on the mainland prior to arriving in Oregon, so we really enjoyed hot-tubbing, drinking wine, and otherwise relaxing. We did go over the mountains to Sisters, Oregon for lunch, shopping, and sight seeing. I always enjoy showing off the waterfalls and lakes in our area. The weather had made a ridiculous change to 60 degree days during her visit, which was pretty cold for a Hawaii resident. I did take a few photos of Petie before driving her to Portland to catch a plane.

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All the time I was enjoying my friends' visits, I was thinking about my latest Crow Man painting. I had started the peice, and knew it was sitting out in the studio waiting for me. This is the darkest painting yet.

I've definitely come to know the story of Crow Man as I become better acquainted with the character. It's a bit like writing in that way, as his own story comes to me, rather than my creating it. To me he represents all people who don't fit in and are living on the edge.

In this painting, I have my own interpretation, but would love to hear other people's reaction to it.

*Remember to click on the small image to see it enlarged.

Cast Out
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Anonymous said...

This is just as you described it to me from your as yet unillustrated vision. The crows seem very menacing to me. Poor Crow Man! I hope we get to see more of his journey along the margins in future paintings.

Your sis

Anonymous said...

Wow, crowman really is having a bad time. Now it looks to me like the crows have joined the women in running poor crowman out of town. I love what you did to the top left behind crowman's head. It is all so very sad. Total rejection, even by those who he fed.

Had a great time, Petie