Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Take Off: A New Take in my Series

As I've worked on the series of abstracted florals using watercolor, collage and acrylic, I've thought about using different subject inspiration. I had a great photo of a Great Blue Heron from one of our summer raft trips. I decided to use a left white shape to show off the bird.

You can see that I continued with the collage on top of watercolor layers. With this one, I used pen and ink as well as a small amount of acrylic paint for some added drama and movement.

Another way this is different is that it is small. Other pieces in this series have been on a full sheet of WC paper-- 22 x 30 inches.

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Take Off 10 x 13

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Ruth Armitage said...

Love this painting! I think the landscape compliments this style even better than the florals :) Great shapes & patterns... You're making me jealous that I don't have any painting time, LOL.