Thursday, January 28, 2010

Week Four--Antalya Antiquity

This photo is the inspiration for the painting I just finished today. I was visiting a friend this summer and she was showing me photos of their trip to Turkey. When I saw this photo, I was really haunted and awed by the face, the fact that this beautiful artifact was just left lying on the ground, and the weight of the centuries that had gone by as it lay there. My friend gave me the photo and I knew it would become part of my collage/left white series.

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The first step is finding a compelling diagonal shape, then surrounding it with layers of painted shapes.

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Next, I protect some of the white before using the mouth atomizer to add a hint of color to some of the white.

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Then I bring out the sculpture with paint.

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After the painting is done, I choose collage pieces to enhance the colors, shapes and spaces. The collage is done with pieces of my failed paintings and rice paper I've painted.

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The last step is putting pure black in some areas to add drama. Then I look for places to add some line work. Here is the final product.

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Antalya Antiquity 15 x 21


Anonymous said...

Wow. That forgotten stone has found new life. It speaks again in volumes. It seems it spoke to you and found its way to the top of the pile in January no less. Toni

Janice Rutherford said...

Good Morning, Baby Sister. Wow. Apropos of our past conversations about art and social action, I think you've created something -- intended or not -- that will provoke all kinds of internal debate in the viewer. A little reminiscent of Munch's "The Scream"? A title change is in order, though, don't you think? I like your phrase "weight of the centuries." Maybe you could reconfigure it into a title that would suggest just that concept. Bravo.