Sunday, May 16, 2010

Life's Surprises

I expected a leisurely adjustment to my 2 months alone in Blue River. I had planned to paint and garden and eat light meals. But life has it's surprises. First I got sick, nothing serious, but it slowed me down for a few days. Just as I was getting back to normal, I got a call from Vancouver.

5/10--Meg, my daughter, had a large mass in her abdomen.
5/11--The ultrasound showed a mysterious, but probably benign cyst on, in or around her left ovary.
5/12--Two cysts were removed in emergency surgery, both in the ovary. The Dr. reported they were the size of my head, and a total weight of 2 1/2 pounds.

Needless to say, I've been up in Vancouver since Wed. night, and am here for some time as Meg recovers. At least I'm not lonely and bored.

In my art life, I have reached one of my year's goals. I left 4 paintings at Inscape Gallery in Newport, Oregon. I also had a recent sale in Hawaii.

On the negative side, I have definitely failed to produce a painting a week. Oh well, there is always the week I get home.

Mike and the crew of the Winddancer arrived in Maui today, well ahead of schedule. To follow their adventures:

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Ruth Armitage said...

My Goodness Margaret! What a roller coaster! I hope everything is going ok with Meg's recovery. If you want to, give me a call & come by to see the new place while you're up north! Congrats on the new gallery! I will have to stop by when I'm there...