Monday, January 9, 2012

More Before and Afters

I'm still working on the 4 pieces I'm planning on sending off to various competitions. This is the week to make the changes and make decisions about which painting goes where. Some of the changes seem so minor, yet I've found that the little improvements: additions, subtractions, opening up an area cleaning up a messy spot can make a real difference.

River Strata--The changes in this piece are subtle. There is more white raining down on the bird and the top of the wing has more white. At the bottom of the wing's feathers where the inside of the wing and body attach, the area has been softened. Finally, I broke through the white line a bit on the left-hand side.

River Strata--Before
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River Strata After

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Food Web--When my friend, LaVonne Tarbox Crone described the heron as being in a cacoon, it was easy for me to see how to open up the space around the bird, and use the mysterious petroglyphic symbols as the space fades out into the surrounding, more defined areas. Again, it's not a huge change, but the piece seems even more etherial to me.

Food Web Before

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Food Web After

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Cross Section: Deep in the Rogue River Canyon The changes to this picture are slight. I've lighted the edges of the slopes on the dark, left-hand side in order to make the distinction of each slope more visible. I also took the gold color further out at the bottom of the large rocky shapes, connecting the colors more.

Cross Section: Deep in the Rogue River Canyon Before

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Cross Section: Deep in the Rogue River Canyon After

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Now I have to think about the strength of each painting: Convocation (changes made in previous post), River Strata, Food Web, and Cross Section: Deep in the Rogue River Canyon . I'd love to hear what you viewers think. I'll be sending off entries by Friday.

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