Monday, December 31, 2012

A Happy New Year 2013--Return to Art

Happy New Year!  

I love the holiday season. The winter celebrations are lovely--full of family, fun, food and festivities, but I miss my studio time. I love returning to the studio to create art, think about future paintings, and, like today, plan for upcoming exhibitions.

I currently have one painting heading to Fallbrook Art Center's 4th Annual American Signature Exhibition and another painting going to an invitational exhibit at the Umpqua Center Art Association in February. I also have things in limbo like a proposal in to Jacobs Gallery and a painting or two out to juried competitions. Those are just waiting games. But I do have a definite upcoming exhibit at a local restaurant, Zenon's Cafe in Eugene, starting on January 15.
Zenon's is a popular, upscale restaurant in a busy area. I think it will be great exposure for my paintings. Typically, I paint on a fairly large scale, but I want to offer customers some smaller and less expensive pieces as well. 
Last April at Carla O'Conner's workshop, I learned a method of making a lovely small painting and a mono-print. First I cover hot press watercolor paper with metallic gold gesso. The second step is to paint on the gold with gouache (opaque watercolor paint.) Once that is dry, it becomes a plate which is transferred onto damp watercolor paper, making a mirror image of the original.

Below you see the walking heron going both east and west. These are 4.5 inch squares.

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In the last couple of days I have made a few more of these little gems. The four below are 5.75 inch squares. 

I visited a fellow artist, Marilyn Odland, the other day to get her great ideas for framing these to make the best presentation. I'll show the framed pieces in a future blog.

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