Monday, September 16, 2013

Why Go to Critique Groups? Before and After

There is a conflict for me regarding getting other artist's opinion on a piece of art. On some days I feel that I should be able to look at my own paintings and make my own decisions regarding my own art. But I have learned over time, that, as the creator of a painting, I can be blind to a problematic part of a painting. A new set of eyes can see something that allows me an opportunity to improve a painting.

So thank you to my art friends who speak up at a critique and lead my eye to something in a painting that is a bit off.

Such is the case in the painting featured today: Catch, No Release.

Catch, No Release, Before
Catch, No Release, After

The obvious change is the dark strata above the heron, which enhances the upper wing of the bird, and makes a bolder statement. Thanks Ruth!

The other major change taught me something really important. Even in a piece like this, that is mostly abstract, the realistic part needs to me exactly that, realistic. A critique group pointed out that the legs disappearing behind the pile of rock was confusing. and worse than being confusing, the heron appeared to be at a different place in the water from the fish he had just caught.

When using mixed media, certain things cannot be changed. The collage pieces could not be removed easily, leaving nice paper underneath. But I could lift the paint creating the heron's legs and position him further out in the water. What a difference!

With a few more color additions, reds to create a bit of a strata separating the two dark stratas, and adding more color to the collage pieces to help them "pop," I think this piece is finished.

Catch, No Release, 22 x 17, Aquamedia
And THAT'S why I go to critique groups! My art friends teach me to be a better artist.


Ruth Armitage said...

Your changes made a huge difference!

Anonymous said...

Margaret: I just looked at it...great reads fine. LV

Anonymous said...

You really did resolve the issues so well. Great job! Critique
group has really helped me too.


Anonymous said...

I would not be where I am today on my art journey without my critique group buddies. Our group is such a respectable cadre of caring individuals. The first in our group have been together for 22 years.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your recent awards at the Mayor's show and WSO!