Monday, October 7, 2013

Awards--A Message to Continue On

As an artist, I am often looking for signs that I am on the right path in my own art journey. I am susceptible to self-doubt. I see another artist's beautiful work and achievements and wonder if I should be doing something different. Could I, should I change direction in my art and go faster and farther?

You would think it would be a simpler task to follow my instincts and paint what I know and love . . . but it isn't. Like all art forms, a painting is part of the artist, a child if you will; and the acceptance or rejection of that painting is, in a way, interpreted as an acceptance or rejection of me, the artist.

One way I can get indications that I am on the right path is getting awards in competitions. This past week-end my work was recognized in two large competitions. Blue Moon Heron II was given second place in the Watercolor Society of Oregon's Fall Exhibition--a representation of the best aqua-media artists in the state of Oregon. And Yosemite Trickster was given first place in watercolor at the Springfield Mayor's Art Show. My thanks to Juror Linda Doll at the WSO Show, and Ruth Armitage and Beth Verheyden who juried the Mayor's Art Show.

Blue Moon Heron II
23 x 18 inches

Yosemite Trickster
21 x 18

So for now, I have been given a "go ahead." What I am creating is personal, well painted and strong enough to stand out in a crowd. The Universe is not against me!


Anonymous said...

Hi Margaret,

Isn't it funny how so many of us artists seem to have the same self doubts?

Congratulations on your awards. And, congratulations on creating two masterful pieces of art.

Anonymous said...

Your blog is SPOT ON!! I have felt doubts about my own work (especially when I compare myself to others) and now I see that I, and every other artist I know, is on his/her OWN path to self discovery. So happy for you---you are very deserving of these awards and you’ve put in the time & effort on your art (while still having other interests and doing things for other people). Yeah!! Liz

Anonymous said...

"The universe is not against me!" A break-through! Congratulations!

Love, Marilyn

Anonymous said...

😍. Yay for you!! You deserve it!