Monday, August 7, 2023

My Blog Has a Wonderful Memory

A Gift to Dan and Mary
(A painting of an event they hosted in their garden before the Holiday Farm Fire burned down their home.)

A few weeks ago, after the summer rush of family, friends and activities, I decided to frame some new paintings I'd started as demos and finished at home. I also had this painting I'd created years ago that I'd been saving to frame and give as a give to our friends, Dan and Mary.

Sometimes traditional matting and framing just doesn't seem right as I wanted a more modern look for this art. This modern look I was seeking means mounting (gluing) the paintings on to a wooden cradle board. That process also means finishing the wood sides and covering the raw wood with a product to attach the painting to.

*A cradled panel is a wooden frame with a board attached to it. They accept almost any medium and are excellent for showcasing detailed artwork. Cradled panels are ideal for painting, sculpture, mounting, and so much more. The durable wooden structure can prevent paintings from warping over time.

I had done this several times over the years, but not recently. I began to question my memory for doing this process correctly. Then a brain lightbulb went off! I was pretty sure I had written the details of this process in a blog. Quickly I opened my blogger and searched for "cradle".  Sure enough I found my blog titled: How to Mount a Painting to a Cradle--Step by Step, posted on March 2, 2013. Wow! All I needed from 10 years ago!

Before putting the art down, it must be spray varnished with a UV protection spray. Then on to prepping the wood cradle.

Protect the edges of the panels before painting on the GAC-100


Determine whether you want to spray paint or stain and varnish the edges of the panels.

Apply the glue to the painting and press any bubbles out with a brayer.

Weigh it down for several hours or overnight

And now the big reveal! Four beautifully mounted paintings ready to hang on a wall.
The Great Escape
Mixed Media, 12x24

Just a Touch of Turquoise
Mixed Media, 15x21.5

Into the Sunset
Mixed Media, 10x30

Mixed Media, 21.5x15

The Garden Party
Watercolor, 15x21.5

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Anonymous said...

Hi Margaret! Found you! What fun and good info. You have been an inspiration to me for years as you’ve found the artist in you! Your work is AMAZING! I love this piece for Dan and Mary…inviting the viewer right in to a lively garden for a chat! a bit of a departure from your other STUNNING work, which I also love!