Wednesday, January 31, 2024

Creating Equals Experimenting

For more than a year now I have been painting faces using only black and white gouache. One way I have finished the background is with a flat color.

He's a Carhartt Man

Then I've tried creating a background that tells more of the story.

One Must Always Wear Pearls

Now I am struggling to find an interesting way to add to a portrait without such a storytelling background, yet something that adds interest. Below you can see more of my experimenting with a face and background. 

Trial and Error

Open Window

Finally arriving today with the soft greens floating around her face, (notice green eyes) I have a story. You know that moment when you open a window and smell cool fresh air? It can almost feel like the outdoors is coming right in and surrounding you.

Comments are welcome and often very helpful to me as I struggle through the process of creating something that communicates to my viewers!

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